Life is like a bag of popcorn

There is absolutely nothing "toddling" about a Toddler. Rather, I do believe children, particularly those over two, should be called Popcorn.
A couple of weeks ago I saw a little boy, probably around the two-and-a-half years old mark, in a crowded area in the middle of Sydney. His dad had obviously said to him "stay by my side, do not run away". And yes, he was right by his dad's side, however he was running - and jumping and skipping and cartwheeling and rolling and hopping and singing, all at once, encapsulated on that exact spot he'd been told to stay. He looked just like a bag of popping popcorn.
Several people said to me "it all changes once they turn two - overnight". How right they were! Previous to that magic age I had a very quiet, calm little man in my life. Post two, I got the Popcorn. How does one gain unbelievable energy overnight? I do wish he could tell me as I'd really love some right now.
I have to say though, I love the Popcorn age. I love the personality, I love the energy, I love the learning and amazement, I love the talking, and I love the sense of humour.
Don't get me wrong, my Popcorn does have to pop the dark, burnt bits of temper and frustration as well, but sitting here right now I can't even recall how bad it is, if it is bad at all. All I can think about is my cheeky, energetic ball of fun.
I love the way that whatever it is, it is SO fantastic and exciting and important that the Popcorn must RUN to it - then RUN back from it, then RUN back to it yet again. How amazing life must seem to the Popcorn, to live it with such enthusiasm, every single waking second.
Even in his extreme exhaustion my Popcorn can still giggle his head clean off his shoulders - it is the most infectious sound I have ever heard and it has the ability to makes his tired, crabby old mummy giggle her head clean off her shoulders as well.
Oh but to be a bag of Popcorn again!

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