Baby News

There is nothing like a bit of baby news.
Chocolate is good, but I don't think the high lasts as long as the excitement of a big pink or blue announcement. Champagne bubbles might emulate the high, but there is never a hangover, just more of a high the next day.
We've just had some of the Got 2 Boys, Just Had a Girl variety in our mummy circle. Oh what a feeling! We were one of those, our text read: "WE HAVE PINK! blahblahdetailsblah STILL IN SHOCK!" (assumed we only did boys).
The other fantastic variety is the old Given Up Trying After A Million Years And Back On The Booze pregnancy news. Now this is something to really celebrate - first you get to be excited about the pregnancy, then after waaaaaaiiiiting, waiting, waiting for 9 months, you get to BURST when you hear the miracle baby has joined his equally miraculous parents. Oh the joy!
And I guess that's the point. Is there anything more miraculous and joyful and MAGIC than a new baby? No way. Even if you didn't birth it, you still get to gather a little piece of that joy bouncing around in your heart when you hear the news.

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