Cranky Pants

I was a mother on a rampage today. If I could shake my pointed finger down the phone line I would. No more Mrs Nice Mummy Duck. Cranky Old Quack Snr is serving up today.

Not at the kids mind you, they must have sensed Jekyll left the room first thing AM. No, I was crancking at all the adults I came across who appeared to not give a damn. I’ve never noticed, but there seems to be an awful lot of them around.

Duh duh duuh is about all I ever manage if somone has a go at me. But today I was happy to “sound just like my mother” and pulled some beauties out of my mum and mother-in-laws’ quote boxes.

“It’s not rocket science: You listen, then you do it.”

“As.    I.    Said.    Before…”

“That is not the way you speak to people”

“Now, do you think this is acceptable?”

“There is no need to sigh”

“Don’t you know the power of social media? It’s not a good idea to provide bad customer service nowadays.” (This is from the gen X mum’s quotes box)

“No, I didn’t know this - I am not a weatherman nor am I tree lopper nor am I a psychic. And you are not getting our money today-Goodbye.”

Ahhh… now that feels better!


  1. Look out....Mummy Duck had turned into Mummy BEAR!

  2. The other day, I used the old, "In my day we didn't have it so easy." I said this to a 20-ish year old.


    Good lord. I'm turning in to my father.