Yummy Scrummy

My name is Mummy, I have a confession I need to make
It involves all my children, from whom I take
It’s not their money, or their innocence so sweet
I take little nibbles, of their belly’s, chin and cheek.
You see my babies are edible, deliciously so
All sugary pink, like a soft marshmallow.
I also need to mention, little fingers and toes
So kissable when I spy them – oh, and then there’s the nose!
And now onto bottoms…this may be taboo
But there’s nothing more delectable, than a dimply cheek or two!
 We have our bounce about poppet, Little Miss Moo
Her most delectable cheeks, framed by melt-me-eyes blue
Master 6 is our, Mr Larger Than Life
His whole smiling body, causing gastronomic strife
His giggle, vivacious, little legs full of fun
My hunger to cuddle him is as big as the sun
Even Master 7, still makes my tummy rumble
I could have big school boy belly
Topped with oh-so-proud crumble
But simply most edible, is our little Newborn Blue,
He’s soft and squishy, and yummy and new
He looks up at me, with eyes all milk drunkie,
Relaxed and so trusting, my beautiful monkey
I feel an overwhelming urge, to nuzzle right in
And kiss him, and snuggle right into his chin
How blessed we are, to have such delicousness so close
As I snack on an ear, I promise to make the most.

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