Yukky Brown Stuff

Yes, I mean poo.
Sorry to harp on about it, but it is a serious life issue for me right now.
I have a 2-year-old who's poo's are ready to be toilet-trained. I don't care if the little man himself is not ready, his poo's most definitely are because they're becoming large, unweildy, and are making me feel mighty pukey when I have to change them.
Have any of you other mummy-ducks been lead into toilet-training by the poo itself, rather than the old "you'll know when your child is ready" story?
So we've tried stickers as a reward - "if you do a poo you can have the BIG firetruck sticker". This was obviously not a strong enough reward as, yes, we had our first PIP (Poo In the Potty) with it, but consequently three in the nappy after.
Today we're trying the treat of watching his favourite TV show or DVD. I think this could be a good treat as we have spent most of the morning sitting on the potty with a nappy off, chatting about which TV show or DVD he will watch (oh, and the rubbish truck as it's rubbish day). But no poo, just lots of chatter.
Then later in the day, after one such episode of chatter, I set up to feed the baby; everything's serilised, mooshed up and ready to go...
"Potty Mummy!!!!". Up I jump - poor baby's left with his mouth open and empty - we race to the potty and whip off the nappy, only to see it scrape down his leg, all over my hands, all over the potty (no, not in it) and all over the floor.
MID-poo is far worse than NAPPY-poo I have decided.
Perhaps I will go back to what the experts say, and wait til he's ready.

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